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Hi lovelies,

Hope your week is coming along great. Well mine same old same old. Today I decided I am gonna do quite a wordy post on 20RandomFactsAboutMe which so far also happens to be my all time favorite trending hash tag. Imma try and make this as interesting as I can, haha, that being said here we go:

  1. I never used to like my African name till I went to high school, think it’s a phase most people go through or is it just me? Nah….nah

Ooh and about that, in case you are wondering about my blog name JustKaninte, Kaninte is my second African  name. How I came up with that name for the blog is a story for another day, quite a funny one for that matter.

  1. Sometimes I do get loud, VERY LOUD.
  2. I love fashion, I love dressing up, I love doing make up(though there are those days I don’t feel it at all), I love the way you can do a trillion things with an outfit, I love anything that makes me feel good about my femininity I love I love.
  3. When I was younger I was such a clumsy walker and every other time I was at the hospital nursing bruises I got coz of falling down, guess I kinda had knock knees *that can be the most logical explanation I think*, haha jk.
  4. Ooh and about that, when in class 5 I fell down in class and broke my left incisor, ofcourse I wanted to fill it but yes I was adviced against it coz somehow some people thought and still think it looks good.
  5. I love trying out new stuff. And the phrase comfort zone doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. Yes #RTBA
  6. A guy in white is such a turn on, damn!! And ooh he has to be tall, very tall.
  7. My all lifetime crush is Usher, that body!! I mean, and he got the moves, you know what I am saying!(With a black American accent) sometimes I can just sit and fantasize about him, ha, a girl can dream right??
  8. Shopping any day any time.
  9. My fav color has to be white and turquoise, but yes I love colors generally.DSC_0120 c bw
  10. I play the guitar, so if u want any lessons talk to me well I might just consider doing you the favor.
  11. I like keeping my circle small
  12. I don’t have a favorite meal.
  13. I hate cake and milk shakes but I am a certified chocoholic. So if you wanna get me a kagift there’s a hint. :J
  14. I am a health freak, and cardio is my most fav thing sport I guess.
  15. I am only a 5’4, I look tall in my photos…..I know I know, I am a living testimony of the saying heels really do magic.
  16. Movies….nay, music….. yay all day every day but no I don’t sing.
  17. I am not on twitter. I hated twitter the first day I signed up, I dint get it back then I still don’t. Does that make me dumb? *sighs*
  18. My first car is gonna be a Rolls Royce…. Okay am a lover of bikes so of course before that I have to own some really big beast. Can I get an Amen please?!
  19. I am a lover of art. Art in any of its numerous forms.

Yes good people as random as it is, that’s me.

Thanks so much for reading.

Happy hump day.

Lots of love.


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Black bustier dress(which can only be seen in the 1st and last photo)- Thrifted at Adams Market

Pink scarf- From Flora’s collection (will give you a link to her pages as soon as I get it)

Gold neck piece worn as a head chain- Flora’s collection

Chunky Gold neck piece- Flora’s collection

Photos by – Mwachala Photography  http://noelmwachala.tumblr.com/

PS: I will share more photos from this portrait shoot in one of my next posts

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Ola, My name is Brenda Kwamboka, alias Kaninte, a 24-year old from Nairobi Kenya. I'm a Pharmacist who sometimes writes about her Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel and Beauty escapades. This here is my blog. I hope you like it and you get inspired. Thank you for checking me out. Love and Love.

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