This dress here falls in between a shift dress and a trapeze dress, I just can’t seem strike a balance. For the sake of this post though lets work with trapeze as it is easy to steeze…. haha see what I did there. Okay, seriously though this is a trapeze dress, I just said all that coz I just really wanted to use the word steeze lol.

Anyhow, belated happy valentines my people! Hope you guys had fun in whatever activities you engaged in. Some of us had to work though, I mean a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, that money ain’t gonna bring itself *doing this with Cookie’s aura*.

So back to today’s outfit post, a trapeze dress aka a tent or sack dress is an exaggerated A-line dress flaring from a fitted shoulder. The trapeze silhouette resembles the shape of a trapezoid hence the name. It was a common design in the ’60s and lately it is making a major comeback. I saw it at some stall and I literally ‘swooned’ over it despite having another one in mustard.

A trapeze dress needs to be worn with the right attitude for it to work. You need to feel sexy in it. A trapeze dress grabs attention because of its interesting design, or lack of it. It is the wearer and the added accessories that make this dress really stand-out.

To wit, the trapeze can be dressed up or dressed down. Here are a few tips:

  • Choose a frock that hits above the knee. Anything longer is not a trapeze dress; it’s a muumuu.
  • Choose a trapeze dress that uses fabric that drapes close to the body
  •  Select a size that isn’t too big: Even if the skirt is massive, make sure the shoulder really fits. You want your dress to flare out, not swallow you whole.
  •  Pair it with bare legs and heels. The result: sexy, but about a thousand times cooler than one of those body-hugging sheaths. But then this again depends if you’re going for a daytime look or evening look
  • And come winter time, just wear one of these with a pair of tights or over some skinnies and you’ll still be styley
  • Accessorize it because by itself the trapeze is a very plain dress… well, if it comes with a decorated neckline keep the accessories to the minimum (stick to a classy watch or bracelet)
 PS: Life is too short to have boring dresses and this is definitely a fun addition to your wardrobe.
Trapeze dress: Some thrift store in town
Shoes: Adams Arcade
Necklace: Mr. Price
Midi rings: Gifts

Ola, My name is Brenda Kwamboka, alias Kaninte, a 24-year old from Nairobi Kenya. I'm a Pharmacist who sometimes writes about her Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel and Beauty escapades. This here is my blog. I hope you like it and you get inspired. Thank you for checking me out. Love and Love.

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