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I hope none of you guys are having a slow week as the one I am having. So today we are talking prints and while at it why not go all HAM and actually mix the prints.

Mixing prints can be quite daunting, and most of the time we tend to pair our print outfits with neutral and simple pieces.  Personally I tend to keep away from the mixing prints concept because I don’t want to look like I’m advertising crown paint  a hot mess, ain’t nobody got time for skulking around town. Speaking of which ever noticed that when you’re not dressed your best that’s when you meet with your crush? and when you have your A game on you see nobody you know, and even the handsome waiter at your favorite restaurant is off-duty? haha. On the other hand though mixing prints is a fun way to breathe life into your tired clothes, and when done right it can look wildly high fashion. There is really no wrong or right way to do it because style is personal at the end of the day, and it’s something you should totally have fun with. However that said and done I feel there are a few tips that can help in styling mixed print outfits:

  1. Match the colors not the prints-by this I mean that the base hue of the two pieces should either be the same or not contrast much. More often than not if the colors match, the prints will most likely look good together.
  2. Use neutral prints. By neutral prints I mean stripes, polka dots, animal print and plaid. This are much easier to mix with other prints
  3. Match intricate prints with subtle prints. This will help the prints complement each other rather than clash.
  4. You simply can never go wrong with monochrome
  5. If you’re not so sure about the whole concept of mixing prints, go for simpler and more graphic prints.
  6. Bear in mind the fabric textures too… I am not sure how this works but it definitely is something to consider.

Remember though, this is an art. You have to go for what works for you. For instance for this look I used two very bold prints making the ensemble quite colorful, but I am still pretty impressed by the outcome. And I added the belt to give a cinched waistline and also to help in emphasizing the transition from one print to the other.


Was this look a hit or a miss? Let me know what you think. If you decide to try this trend, kindly tag me on any of my social media accounts (will leave the links below) . I will choose the best look and give a reward.

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Keep warm and Stay safe.

Lots of love



Outfits: Thrifted

Chunky heels: Bremmy Collections

Photos by: Kevin




Ola, My name is Brenda Kwamboka, alias Kaninte, a 24-year old from Nairobi Kenya. I'm a Pharmacist who sometimes writes about her Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel and Beauty escapades. This here is my blog. I hope you like it and you get inspired. Thank you for checking me out. Love and Love.

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