Sweater weather, literally!

Happy hump day earthlings?

Let’s back up a bit, before I do a post I always have to think of the title and how it’s related to the outfit of the post or sometimes the anecdote. This usually involves doing a mini research online to make sure I’m not plagiarizing anyone’s work. To most this may sound confusing but trust me if you read as many articles as I do, sometimes it’s difficult to know whether an idea (literary composition) is your own creation or actually something you read somewhere. Guess what I found out about sweater weather on urban dictionary?? *smugface*


1. When the weather gets cooler and all the fat chicks can wear sweaters to hide there hideous bodies.

2. Another term for a fat chick.

Fat Chick – oh my god I’m so excited for sweater weather.

Guy to another guy – look at the size of that sweater weather.


Anyway, I love how versatile sweaters are, especially over-sized sweaters. Rather than sticking it with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans, get creative with the styling. All it really takes are a few touches of the imagination (and some closet items you already own) to transition your knit from a grandpa-style hand-me-down to something you can truthfully call “cozy-chic” β€” and not be embarrassed to wear on a Wednesday.
If you thought you can only wear that cozy over-sized sweater with skinny jeans/ leggings this look here is for you. Sweater plus chunky heels plus booty shorts plus attitude; the outcome is some awesomeness. I will be sure to share with you on other ways I choose to style in due course.
I would love to know how you style your sweaters; tag me on my social media accountsΒ Facebook ,Β Instagram.
Enjoy the rest of the week.
Sweater: Adams Arcade (thrifted)
Shoes: Newlook, from gojane.com
Attitude: Mine
Photos by Kevin

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