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Hope this week has been kind to you so far? I have been a lil bit under the weather these past couple of days but I am much better now.

What are neutrals?

In general, neutrals include black, white, gray (mix black with white and you’ve got gray) and different shades of brown. Nowadays a color can be called a neutral based on how effectively it can blend in with other colors.

They build the basis of any woman’s wardrobe, not just the fashionista’s.Β Basically, this is where you should put the bulk of your clothing budget, as they will last a long time and are timeless in sense of fashion. This is why;

  • Flexible: You can wear the neutrals with whatever colors you like without looking too much. It’s also much easier to style because all colors go with them.
  • Style savers: Add them to any outfit you want to tone down and bring less attention to.
  • Trend-proof: They are acceptable to wear for various occasions.
  • Outfit multipliers: You’ll find it much easier to create several outfit combinations with neutrals without having to ask yourself: what color goes with this green

For my look I went for a clean look comprising of only neutral colors as you can see. This is my go to look when life has taken a toll on me(which is basically every second of my life) and I have no time to think of my outfits, and instead of the heels I add a pair of Ngoma’s or sneakers.

PS: I hope my ladies have taken advantage of the free cancer screening in the different health facilities around the country.Β You dudes too need to go for a breast exam, it’s not only Rick Ross who needs one, y’all have moobs (male boobs, I know it’s not a real word).

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