For a long time now I have really wanted to own a very masculine tweed blazer. So when I walked into the Vostilook Store and saw this oversized blazer, I instantly knew this baby had to come home with momma.

Thing is, it is not a tweed. It’s just a basic checkered double breasted blazer but whatever. Meaning I am still on the look for a tweed blazer. So if any of my male readers owns a tweed blazer and is feeling philanthropic enough help out a sister girl (no bro zoning, at least not yet).

A while back I saw one of my favorite model/fashionista  Jennifer Oseh  post a photo of her with a belt over her double breasted blazer and dang! didn’t she look amazing. I definitely had to mirror the look. And here I am a couple of weeks later.

I wore mine with these DIY cropped pants and animal print chunky heels to add a little bit of dimension to the look. My hair had a serious frizz and this turban came in handy.

This is an outfit I would wear for a chill night event coz of the chest peek a boo moment it gives.

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Outfit by: Vostilook

Photos by: Canny Sophen

Make up by: Achy Brey

Styling by: Black Sappho

Shoot location: White Elephant Ke



When your stylist decides you have to be extra! ↓↓↓↓↓




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