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If you follow me on Instagram (Justkaninte), which you should, you might have seen that for the longest time ever I’ve been searching for a PERFECT slip dress. I bought a couple of them (that is if three counts as a couple lol) which are somewhere in my closet under a heap of clothes. Why you ask, well, maybe coz I am not about to walk around looking like I had a fight with my “boyfriend” who kicked me out in my nightgown or coz I love my sleeping short shorts better. Anyway, let’s just say all those I have seen so far are mostly cringe-worthy.


That said, I came across this vest sweater which I’m pretty sure is a top lol, yaas to being a short girl. I love the fact that it is very light and airy, perfect for the hot weather. The double-sided slits are a major win for me, a girl’s gotta show some leg or thigh if you may. It has a slip-dress kind of vibe.

For this look, I wanted something that screams EXTRA without trying too hard, and that is where the scarf comes in. I wore it the ’60s way (tied under the chin) which is very common among the Western Bourgeoisie by the way. A pair of red heels and clutch totally made sense because, hey you can never go wrong with red.



You can wear this sweater with pants if you so feel like and tuck in the front part. Alternatively, you can switch the heels for a pair of sneakers for a day look. A tee underneath the sweater can also make for a perfect chilled ensemble. It is perfect for layering by the way. Whatever works for you really.

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Sweater from @vostilook

Photos by @Muikiiobenja (Ig)






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