Hey beautiful earthlings,

Today is indeed a good day to be alive.

With the long weekend ahead especially, this girl here is exuding a lot of positivity. This week hasn’t particularly been all roses for me, adulting is tough fam! I therefore decided that this weekend is going to be very “self-reflective” 😂 I kid 😂 I wish 😂. I’m only indoors (read self evaluating) coz I have very very boring friends. If you have an INTERESTING life and you want moi to be your friend, hit me up! (Just to clarify I meant moi [French for me] not Kenya’s 2nd President or sons, I don’t know them but I totally wouldn’t mind knowing them 😅😉). I’d love to hear what you beautiful people are up to this weekend, do let me know in the comments section below.

Anyway, this past weekend I had the chance to work with one of Kenya’s top photographers Heenie Photography on his All Natural Project. This project aims at showcasing the beauty of African women particularly our Kenyan women in its purest form. On set we had the ever talented MUA(Make Up Artist) Achy Makeover and from the images you can tell how the two are the absolute power team!

I know Most of you are wondering why the project is dubbed All Natural and yet my brows are done etc. Lol. As much as society has these absurd double standards about make up, let’s just agree that make up is pretty much an integral part of most ladies’ lives, I.e. from the simple lip gloss or even contouring/strobbing. I’d like to think of make up as a form of grooming and it does speak volumes about someone. They say first impressions matter, yes?!  Anyway Achy did a very neutral glam, the no-makeup makeup look, paradoxical? I know! The outcome was impeccable.

In other news, I have added a beauty category to my blog where I’ll be sharing all things beauty, from make up to skin care products. This means that from time to time I will be sharing projects I have done with Make Up Artists etc. I am really excited about this. Tell me what kind of looks or things you’d like me to share!

Head over to Instagram to check out more of the project!

Model: @justkaninte (Ig)

Photography: Heenie Photography

Make up: Achy Makeover

Till my next post, stay safe.



Ola, My name is Brenda Kwamboka, alias Kaninte, a 24-year old from Nairobi Kenya. I'm a Pharmacist who sometimes writes about her Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel and Beauty escapades. This here is my blog. I hope you like it and you get inspired. Thank you for checking me out. Love and Love.

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