Brunch 10

Friday is finally here, I’m just gonna twerk through my day, coz this week has been effing long!!!

This year I’m all about self love and unapologetically embracing my insecurities and weirdness full on. Therefore brace yourselves for broad smiles, hysterical laughters, cheeky poses, a bit of twerking (who am I kidding, a bit is definitely an understatement). Remember, At the end of the day, no one is you and that is your super power!

Brunch 9

Weekends are for family and friends and brunch is that one activity people get to bond over. I put together a look just to give you guys an idea of what to wear to brunch. This look is perfect for either brunch with your girls, man or friends in general, no family really, at least not my family!

Brunch 1

I am in love with the monochromatic color scheme, because honestly you can never go wrong with black and white. I paired this simple black and white striped skater skirt with a black chiffon kimono/ cover up! I loooooove the sequin detail all around the perimeter of the Kimono, just serves to add a little bit of character to it. I tucked in the kimono in such a way that I flashed a little bit of my titties 😋😋!! A good ol pair of black pointed ankle booties completed the look perfectly! Your makeup should be on point, and per usual Achy Makeover came through with that dramatic eyeshadow and nude lip! Seriously, y’all should hire this girl, coz she is the plug!!(I’ll put her details below). The complete look just oozes sexy grown woman!

I hope you find this post helpful. Enjoy your weekend, catch you on my next post!

Love and love,


Skirt and Kimono: Thrifted

Hair and makeup: Achy Makeover (0720776283).

Photography by: Evans Ogeto

I’d give the bicycle owner some credits but I don’t know him, but bike guy if you are reading this, thanks for the bike 😉😉..

Brunch 8

Brunch 6

Brunch 7Brunch 5Brunch 4Brunch 3Brunch 2

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