LIFE UPDATE: Where have I been? Boo’d up? Future plans?



When this year started one of the things I resolved on was to make this blog bigger and better, something I’ve been terribly failing at. Consistency has been off.

Do I regret it? Not entirely.

Why? Taking time off gave me a chance to focus on my well being because as y’all know social media can take a toll on someone… I have had a chance to make new friends, build amazing bonds with friends I had before, try my hand at new things, take on new challenges, live a little and learn and unlearn some things.

A lot of new things are happening in my life right now and I am really excited about the future prospects. Am I scared? Yes, shit scared. But I have chosen to let fear motivate me instead of deterring me.

I hope you are genuinely happy, I hope you manage to stick to your non-negotiables, I hope you choose people who if tables turned will choose you in a heartbeat.

Love and Love,


Ps: We will talk about this mustard coat from @Bonbae some other time.

Also yellow was definitely invented for black women.

Styling and outfit by: @Bon.Bae (IG)- 0737699620

Photography by: @artfusion


Ola, My name is Brenda Kwamboka, alias Kaninte, a 24-year old from Nairobi Kenya. I'm a Pharmacist who sometimes writes about her Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel and Beauty escapades. This here is my blog. I hope you like it and you get inspired. Thank you for checking me out. Love and Love.


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