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I was pleasantly surprised to find out that someone can send and receive money for free across African countries! I’m not kidding guys!! Even free transfers within Kenya is enabled. Before I knew about this, I have super stressed especially when on travels and needed to pay for something or send quick cash somewhere. Here’s what happened…

…A few months ago while on a vacay in Uganda, my rent was due but I had no way of sending the money to my landlord in Kenya.

I had to wait till I got back to Kenya several days later and it was overdue. My landlord was livid. Suffice to say I paid the rent but the relationship with the landlord was almost destroyed. Phew.

Sooo I was super excited when I found out about this app, ChipperCash. Like if I had known about it back then, all I would have done was add money into my Chipper wallet and send the payment straight to my landlord. Even if he didn’t have the app he would have been prompted to download and get the cash instantly.

I can see how vacays and other important things in life should not be inconvenienced by a lack of money transfer options, especially when the service is free of charge. I can now go on a vacay bila stress! 😉😉

Besides that, I am pro youth owned start ups. Especially those that are futuristic and help solve my problems. So you would understand why Chipper Cash is a big deal for me….

Guys if you feel like this is something that could serve you, you can download it Here

Dressed in   Vostilook

Photography Jeddy 21st

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